Speeding Up PhoenixAI

Depending on how many charts you're using, the frequency of the codes you're looking at and the speed of your computer, at some point you may find that PhoenixAI isn't running as fast as you would like. There are a few things you can do to make PhoenixAI run faster.


  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the software installed.

  2. Close all non essential programs on your computer.

  3. Limit the amount of intraday chart history being requested by your charts. To do this follow these steps:

    Click in an intraday chart.

    In the toolbar change the 'M-F' to 'def' (default).

    This will automatically limit how much history the chart requests depending on the time frame. Do this for all of your open charts and then save your workspace.

  4. Manually increase the amount of time PhoenixAI takes to redraw charts. Having your charts not update as often means PhoenixAI is performing fewer tasks, which in turn, speeds up the software.

    You can do this by clicking 'Tools' → 'Customise'.

    Under the 'Chart' tab scroll to the bottom and change the 'Redraw Delay (ms)' to 3000.

    So instead of your chart updating instantly as it receives data there is a delay of 3 seconds. If you changed the redraw delay to 6000, there would be a delay of 6 seconds.