Saving Files

Some of the data windows in the PhoenixAI software can be saved to your computer’s hard disk.

Among these are your workspaces, charts, watch lists and watch list layouts.

To save a watch list or a chart, either click the Save icon on the File tool bar, or click the File menu, and select "Save" or "Save As..".

If the file you're saving already has a name, then "Save" will simply update the existing file.  Clicking "Save As.." will let you give the file another name.  If the file doesn't already have a name, then clicking either will prompt you for a new file name.

Files are saved by default into the Files & Documents folder.

To save your workspace, click the File menu, and select Save Workspace.

You can also save chart templates with indicators.
For more information on chart templates, see the Recording Indicators As Templates section.

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