Your workspace is the area within the PhoenixAI software that contains your market data windows.

To create a workspace...

Step 1: Open the data windows you want. (In this example we have opened a watch list, a daily chart, a weekly chart and a market depth. (For information on how to open or create these windows, refer to the corresponding links under related topics at the bottom of this page).


Step 2: Arrange the windows in a manner that suits you. (The easiest way to quickly arrange the windows so they're all visible is to click on the 'Window' menu and select 'Tile').

Alternatively you can arrange the windows manually.

To move a window...

Step 2(a): Click on the window header (the bar at the top of the window) and hold the mouse button down.

Step 2(b): While holding down the mouse button move the mouse and the window will move with it.

Step 2(c): When the window is in the desired position let the mouse go.

To resize a window...

Step 2(i): Move your mouse cursor over the edge of the window you want to resize.

Step 2(ii): When the mouse curse turns from a pointer into 2 adjoining arrows pointing in opposite directions click and hold the mouse down.

Step 2(iii): While holding the mouse button down move the mouse and the window will begin to change shape.

Step 2(iv): When the window is at the desired size, release the mouse button.

Tip:  You can grab a window at the corner edge to resize it horizontally and vertically at the same time.


When you've finished arranging your windows, your workspace might look something like this:


Step 3: Once all the windows are the right size, in the right spot, and contain the right information, click 'File', and then 'Save Workspace As..'.

Step 4: Type in a name for the workspace and click 'Save'.


To load a saved workspace:

Step 1: Click File  Open Workspace.

Step 2: Select a workspace from the list provided.

Step 3: Click OK.


All windows that were saved with that workspace will open.

To learn how to have all other open windows switch to the same stock, click on "Watch List - Synchronising" in the related topics below.

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