Charts allow you to display price data visually.

You can open a chart window via the commands menu or toolbar:

Below is the key for each of the items in the charts toolbar. Most of the icons with in the charts toolbar warrant pages of their own. Follow the relevant links the find out more about the icons or simply view more of the pages under the charts tab on this website.

Charts Views Toolbar Key:

= Lock/unlock toggle switch. Stops synchronised stocks from appearing in window.
= Type a stock (Eg. BHP) into this box and click apply or press ENTER.
= Data Frequency drop down menu. Use this drop down menu to change how much time each
= Chart Types drop down menu (Candlesticks, OHLC, Line etc.)
= Chart Scale drop down menu (Log, Log10 & Arithmetic)
= Apply - Same as pressing ENTER on your keyboard.
= Auto Open tool.  See the "Auto Saving Charts (Auto Open tool)" section under "Charts".
= Graph Explorer
= Add Study - add indicators, highlights or systems to your chart.
= Chart Tools drop down menu (click on small black arrow pointing down).
= Overlay - Overlay other stocks to compare history.
= Corporate Actions - Toggles on/of visibility on chart.

When a chart becomes the active window, the Views toolbar will change to the Chart toolbar.

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