Removing Indicators

To remove a chart study (indicator, highlight, system, or overlay), click the 'Graph Explorer' icon on the chart toolbar OR right click on the chart and select 'Graph Explorer' from the pop up menu.

Step 1: Select the study
Step 2: Click the Delete button
Step 3: Click 'OK'

If the study is in a section by itself, you could also select the section and delete that.

If you accidentally delete the wrong item, just click 'Cancel', and you will undo the changes.

You can also delete a chart section with out the use of the 'Graph Explorer' window by right-clicking on it in your chart window.  For instance, if you wanted to delete a MACD which is in section 2, you could simply right-click on section 2, select "Delete Section 2" and click Ok.

Bye-bye section 2.

Just be sure not to delete section 1, or it's bye-bye to your whole chart.  There's no "Undo" outside of Graph Explorer.

The only way to fix your chart if you delete section 1 is to right click in it and select 'Restore'. This will put the candlesticks back, but everything else is gone for good.


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