Auto Saving Charts (Auto Open tool)

Auto Open (also sometimes referred to as Auto Save), allows you to draw lines and shapes on your charts, which will remain on the chart until you remove them.

Once switched on, the Auto Open function automatically manages your charts for you, allowing you to get on with what you want to do rather than saving and loading charts all the time.

It does this by creating and managing a chart file for every frequency of every symbol you view, and every tool or indicator you add or remove is instantly saved to the chart file.  This means that if you accidentally trash your 60-minute BHP chart, or even delete the chart file, none of the other charts for BHP are affected.

Every time you view a symbol in a chart, the program quickly checks to see if there's a relevant saved chart file, and if there is, it opens that file.  If there isn't, it creates a fresh auto-saved file.

You will find the 'Auto Open' icon on the chart toolbar next to the green tick.

Auto Open has three settings:

Off - Auto Open/Auto Save is not used.  No lines or tools drawn on your charts will be saved.

Match Symbol - one chart file will be saved for each symbol.  This means that if you draw a line on a daily chart it will still be there if you change the frequency to weekly.  You cannot use this setting on multiple frequencies of the same symbol and view them at the same time.

Match Symbol, Data Frequency, Period - one chart file will be saved for each combination of symbol, data frequency(daily, weekly, intraday), and period (weekdays, single day, date range).  This is the setting you will probably use most.  It allows you to draw lines and tools on several different frequencies of the same symbol and view them all at the same time.

You cannot, however, have more than one auto-saved chart of the same symbol and frequency combination - ie. you can't have two BHP intraday 30-minute charts, with different tools drawn on them.


For those of you who like to draw lines on everything, you can set Auto Open to be on all the time.

The default or "global" setting for this tool is set via Tools => Customise  => Chart Tab.

The Auto Open settings for charts saved within a workspace will override the global setting.


To try this tool, open up a chart window, set the Auto Open to "Match Symbol". Type in a symbol, say BHP. Add tools and indicators to the chart.

Now, type in a different symbol, say CBA.

Again, add tools, indicators. Now type in the first symbol again, BHP. The previous state of the chart for BHP will be restored.



If you find yourself having problems with a particular Auto Open chart, you have the option of simply deleting the chart file and making the software re-create it.

Let's say you have a workspace with three Auto Open charts, but you're having trouble with a 30-minute intyraday chart of CBA.  The Auto Open setting is "symbol, frequency and period". but the chart keeps coming up as a 15-minute chart, and whenever you change it to 30 minutes, all the tools vanish.  This could mean that the chart file has become corrupted.

Start by making sure you're not currently using the chart file.  Either close your workspace, or switch to a different symbol.

All Auto Open chart filenames begin with "ao_", so in the example below, you would look for a file called ao_cba.asx_intraday_30.

Click the Help menu
Select Open User Files Folder
Locate the chart file  ( in this case "ao_cba.asx_intraday_30")
Right-click the file
Select Delete
Click Yes or Ok
Close the User Files window

Since the file has been deleted, when you next view CBA in your workspace, the program will simply create a fresh Auto Open 30-minute chart for CBA.


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