Chart Navigation

The 'Chart Navigate Toolbar' enables you to navigate your way through a chart.

You can expand and compress the chart on both horizontal and vertical scales. You can also move the chart left, right, up and down. And if you lose your bearings, you can always restore the vertical and horizontal scales.

The arrows on the on the icons in the toolbar are fairly self explanatory. However if you're in doubt, simply hover your mouse cursor over an icon and the tool tip will pop up telling you what each icon does.

But you don't have to just use the icons to to the job, you can also drag the X-axis to expand and compress the chart horizontally, and the Y-axis to do the same vertically.

Holding the CTRL key down while you drag allows you to scroll the chart instead of compressing or expanding.  This works on both the X and Y axis.

Using your mouse wheel will scroll your chart horizontally.

Holding CTRL while using the mouse wheel will zoom your chart.