Cross Hairs

The new Crosshair is either on or off, and has two modes - Normal and "Time Track".  Once turned on, the crosshair will remain on even when you are using other chart tools.

To turn on the crosshair, click on one of them in the chart tools toolbar:

crosshair icon
* Normal mode gives you a constant crosshair for your current chart.

Track time icon
* Time Track mode also tracks the current chart position on other open charts of different frequencies.

The Crosshair tool displays Date, Bar ID, Y-axis value (price), Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume data.

This information is constantly displayed on the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen.  There is no need to click, as the information in the status bar automatically follows the Crosshair.  If you stop moving the mouse, the information in the Status bar will remain static.  It will only update if you move the mouse.

The Status bar does not display the values for any indicators or highlights on the chart.  For that you must use the Chart Data Values Bar.

You can open the Chart Data Values Bar from the View menu.

Like the Status bar, the Chart Data Values Bar will also track and display information for the Crosshair tool.

But unlike the Status bar, as soon as the chart updates, the Chart Data Values Bar will return to showing the most recent price information.

The Chart Data Values Bar will also display the values for any and all indicators and highlights on the chart.

You can position the Chart Data Values bar anywhere you wish by clicking and holding on the bar header, and dragging to the desired location.

To return the Chart Data Values bar to its normal position, simply double-click the bar header.

To turn off the Chart Data Values bar, click the X on the bar header, or "deselect" it in the View menu.  It will also close automatically when all chart windows have closed.


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