Lines & Shapes

Lines and shapes are easy to draw, and will place themselves behind your candles, so you can highlight your chart without obscuring it.

Step 1: Choose your tool from the Chart Tools toolbar (eg. trend line, support line, arrow line, ellipse, rectangle).

Step 2: Click on your starting point on the chart and hold the mouse button down.

Step 3: While holding the mouse button down drag the mouse away from the initial click point. You will notice that as you drag the mouse the shape/Line will increase in size to match the location of your mouse.

Step 4: Once the shape/line is at the desired size, let the mouse go.

It doesn't matter if the line or shape isn't exactly where you want it.  You can use the Selector tool to nudge it into place.

Changing the line thickness/colour of a line or shape:

For an individual instance: Right click on the line and select 'Properties'. Change the width and the colour and click 'OK'.

For all instances on all charts: Click Tools, Customise. Then under the 'Format' tab, on the right scroll down to 'Tools' and click the '+' (plus sign) next to it. Then scroll down and click on tool you would like to change (Eg. 'Trend Line'). Change the colour and width and click 'OK'.

Extending a trend line past the current bar:

By default trend lines will automatically cut off at the last bar of a chart. To extend the line beyond this point you can use the selector to extend the line once its drawn.

Alternatively you could use a 'half ray'. Half rays let you draw a line from a fixed point that will continue indefinitely in one direction, at any angle.

Another alternative is to use the 'extend/compress' tool. This tool allows you to extend or shorten your trend lines without having to move them or change their angle. Simply click on the end of any trend line to extend it, then click again at the point where you want to cut it off.


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