The derivative windows in PhoenixAI are designed to help you with trading options, warrants etc.

The 5 derivative windows in PhoenixAI are:

Options Market Sammary: This window summarizes what's going on accross the entire ASX options market, giving a list of all Australian optionable stocks listing the volume, value and trades for calls and puts on the current trading day.

Derivative Quotes Map: This is an alternative to the 'traded options watch list window'. Rather than presenting all of the options for a particular stock in 'list' format running down the page from nearest expiry date first to furthest expiry date last, the map window presents the options in sections. You can also view implied volatilities and the IV chart (volatility smile).

Derivative Calculator: Calculates all the Greek values for any particular option as well as +/- 5%, 10%, 15% & 20% of the actual price. After you have added an option to the calculator you can view a 'Fair Value' pay off diagram by clicking on the chart tab at the bottom of the window.

Derivative Charts: A derivative chart allows you to compare historical values of... derivative price, issuer price, interest rate, historical volatility, delta, gamma, theta, vega, rho and fair value.

Derivative Strategy: The derivative strategy window allows you to combine multiple calls and puts and view the combination outcome in multiple chart formats.