Derivative Charts

A derivative chart allows you to compare historical values of...

Derivative Price
Issuer Price (US)
Interest Rate (R)
Historical Volatility (HV)
Delta (ä)
Gamma (Y)
Theta (è)
Vega (V)
Rho (P)
Fair Value (FV)

To view a derivatives chart...

Step 1: Click on the derivatives chart icon.

Step 2: Add an option to the chart by typing it into the Current Window Toolbar.
Alternatively you could drag and drop the option from your Traded Options Window or the Derivative Quotes Map window.
Step 3: Press enter or click apply.


Step 4: Click on the symbols in the Current Window Toolbar to view the different historical values listed at the top of this page.
Note: The symbols on the Current Window Toolbar are 'toggle switches' which means if you click them a second time it removes them from the chart.


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