The inquisitor is a window in PhoenixAI you can use to scan for stocks that meet user specified technical and fundamental criteria. All of the scans are run through the PhoenixAI servers that colate all of the market data around every 20 minutes through out the live trading.

There are two types of inquisitor windows.

Inquisitor (Lite) : Contains many predefined criteria, most filters within the lite inquisitor are customisable to varying degrees. Allows you to limit your results to a specific watch list. This feature is available on all data plans.


Inquisitor (Advanced) : Allows you to create highly customisable scans utilising just about every indicator available in PhoenixAI:

* Make groups of rules and control them with 'AND' & 'OR' operators.
* Use any perameters of your choice on those indicators (Rather than semi-pre-defined perameters).
* Scan for all indicator cross overs (where applicable).
* Indicators crossing constants or prices (open, high, low, close)
* Apply smoothing to the indicator cross overs you're scanning for.
* Use the 'Bars Ago' perameter to scan for events that occured in the past.
* Specify each filter to scan on daily, weekly and/or monthly data.

This feature is available on some of the data plans.


The last element to the inquisitor is the Inquisitor Report Icon: The 'Inquisitor Report' icon  allows you to load and generate a report from a saved inquisitor filter files. This icon is useful because it allows you to quickly generate reports for scans that you do on a regular basis.