Saving & Altering Inquisitor Filters

To save either an inquisitor lite or advanced filter...

Step 1: Click anywhere inside the inquisitor filter window.

Step 2: Click 'File', 'Save as'.


Step 3: Enter in a file name and click 'Save'.


Altering a saved inquisitor filter...
In order to alter a filter you have already saved...

Step 1: Click 'File'
Step 2: Click 'Open'.


Step 3: Choose 'Inquisitor Filter' or 'Advanced Inquisitor filter' from the left hand column.
Step 4: On the right side of the window choose your desired file. In this case we are opening the 'DEMO FILTER' filter.
Step 5: Click 'OK'.


Step 6: This will open up the 'Inquisitor Filter' window with all your saved filters. You can now add or remove filters as you desire just as you would when creating a filter from scratch (Refer to the Inquisitor (Lite) and Inquisitor (Advanced) pages).

Step 7: Once you have finished altering your filter you can generate the report by clicking the icon 'Generate Report' at the top left. 

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