Saving and Opening Inquisitor Reports

An inquisitor report, once generated, is a static file. If you open up an inquisitor report file (.iqr) in the future it will not have changed to match the current market conditions. That only happens when you generate a report through one of the inquisitor filter windows (lite or advanced) or when through the generate report icons in the command toolbar (as outlined in inquisitor reports). That being said, there's not a lot of use for saved inquisitor reports other than to keep a record of what stocks matched a particular criteria on a specific date and time.

To save an inquisitor report...

Step 1: After you have generated a report using the inquisitor filter window, or command toolbar icons, click anywhere in the inquisitor report window.

Step 2: Click "File", "Save".


Step 3: Enter in a file name and click 'Save'.


Opening Inquisitor report files.

Note: Clicking one of the "Inquisitor Report" icon in the command toolbarwill not open an inquisitor report (.iqr) file. This icon's purpose is to enable users to quickly generatea report from a saved inquisitor filter (.iqf) file.

In fact there is no icon at all in the command toolbar to open a report file because there isn't a lot of use for them once they've been generated (other that keeping them for archival purposes).

The way to open an 'Inquisitor report' (.iqr) file is to...

Step 1: Click 'File' -> 'Open'.

Step 2: In the left hand side of the window that comes up, choose 'Inquisitor report'.

Step 3: From the right hand side of the window choose the file and click 'open'.

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