The 'News' window can be accessed via the commands drop down menu or the commands toolbar:

Allows you to read the latest equity, market, company, economic and financial news from major news sources around the world and in Australia.

News Views Toolbar Key:

SOURCE = Use this drop down menu to choose the source of your news feed.
FILTER = Use this drop down menu to view symbol specific news stories.
RANGE = Use this drop down menu to specify how many stories come up or specify a specific date or date range.
= Apply - Same as pressing ENTER on your keyboard.
= Request more details (if available)
= If there is more than one page of news stories, use these arrows to scroll back and forth.

To bring up news reports:

Step 1: Choose the source of your news. If you're unsure, simlpy leave it on all.

Step 2: Choose if you want to view the stories for a specific stock, or all stocks. Use the 'Filter' drop down menu to specify this.

Step 3: Choose how many stories you want to see.

Step 4: Click the green tick.

Step 5: To read a news report, Double Click anywhere on the item.

All companies listed on the ASX are required to report any activity that may affect the company’s stock price. You will find these articles under the ASXCOM source. 

News stories are an optional extra when signing up to a data plan.

ASX news items require Adobe Acrobat Reader™.  Double-clicking on an ASX news item will launch the Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will not be able to read the news stories.

News items are downloaded one page at a time.  When you click to go to the next page, it will download for viewing.

Note: 'ITS' provides news headlines only – no story. You should always find a match ASXCOM headline that matches the ITS headline which will contain the actual story.

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