Symbol Event Windows

The 'symbol' windows can be accessed through the commands drop down menu or the toolbar:

Each symbol window brings up different information about a stock.

Symbol Profile

The 'Symbol Profile' window brings up a large amount of summary information about the company you're looking at. This information includes things like business and financial summaries, contact informationincluding phone numbers, email addresses and a link to their website. It also gives you a list of the board members, their titles, age, when they started and much more.

Symbol Dividends

The 'Symbol Dividends' window will give you a list of the dividends that have taken place on the stock.

Symbol Corporate Actions (Dilutions)

The 'Symbol Corporate Actions' window will give you a list of the dilution events.

Symbol Announcements

The 'Symbol Announcements' window will give you a list of announcements made buy a company.

To bring up information on a stock of your choice in one of the windows outlined above, type the stock code into the tool bar and press enter or click the green tick.