Watch Lists

A Watch List is a customisable table containing transaction data for securities of interest to you. Data displayed includes volume, last price, bids, asks, opening and closing prices, total value traded and more. Watch lists allow you to see at a glance what a security is doing. While you view the watch list it automatically updates the data (for real time data subscribers). Each watch list can contain as many securities as you wish.

There are quite a few types of watch list windows in PhoenixAI.

First of all you have your regular type watch lists. These entail lists of:

* Fully Paid Ordinaries (Australian Stocks)
* Traded Options
* Warrants – Calls & Puts
* Currency cross rates
* Indices
* US Stocks
* Market Movers

All of these items can be accessed by clicking on the watch list icon in the commands toolbar.

For more information on how to use these watch lists have a look under the watch lists section of the website.

Watch lists in PhoenixAI don't stop there. There are other types of watch list windows available through the commands menu/toolbars. For more information on each of these watch list type windows click on it in the list below:

Markets Depth Market depth shows lists of the current buyers and sellers for a security and the price levels at which they're bidding/selling at.
Trades The Trades window displays information on what trades were made for a specific security on a specific date.
Trade Analysis The Trade Analysis window displays summarised trade data for any one stock on any particular day for the last 30 days.
 Time Series Time Series displays Open High, Low and Close prices for a selected stock.
 Daily Totals The Daily Totals window displays a summary of the market.
  Top Movers The Top Movers function displays the most active securities by volume, dollar value, percentage up (winners) and percentage down (losers).