Market Depth

The 'Market Depth' window can be accessed via the commands menu or toolbar:

Market depth shows the current buyers and sellers for a security.

Market Depth Views Toolbar Key:

 = Lock/unlock toggle switch. Stops synchronised stocks from appearing in window.
 = Type a stock (Eg. BHP) into this box and click apply or press ENTER to see it's market depth.
 = Apply - Same as pressing ENTER on your keyboard.
 = Toggles price depth vs order depth.

Market Depth Toolbar Key (Current Window Toolbar/Views Menu):

Click the Market Depth icon on the toolbar, and enter the security code in the window specific toolbar.

The F4 key will also open the market depth dialog box.


The columns displayed on a Market Depth screen can be quickly selected, or hidden, by right clicking on the column headers of a particular section.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the data section of the window and click Columns Layout, and then Columns Picker.


This displays a dialog box with a list of data types to select from, and allows you to add, remove and organise which columns are displayed.

Select items from the list on the left and add them to the list on the right by using the arrow buttons.   

The order (top to bottom) of the list on the right is the order in which the columns are displayed in the data window (left to right).

To adjust the order, select the column header you wish to move, then click the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

When finished, click the OK button and your watch list or market depth screen will be updated to reflect your changes.

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