Time Series

The 'Time Series' window can be accessed via the commands menu or toolbar:


'Time Series' displays Open High, Low and Close prices for a selected stock and data frequency.

Time Series Views Toolbar Key:

  = Lock/unlock toggle switch. Stops synchronised stocks from appearing in window.
= Type a stock (Eg. BHP) into this box and click apply or press ENTER to see it's Trade Analysis.
= View Daily OHLC data
= View Weekly OHLC data
= View Monthly OHLC data
= View Quarterly OHLC data
= View Yearly OHLC data
= When this icon is lit 'Adjustments' will be shown. When it is not lit, unadjusted data will be shown.
= Apply - Same as pressing ENTER on your keyboard.
= Save
= Use this icon to specify your export format. (EG. If you are exporting to a spread sheet you might choose to use 'CSV' (comma separated values) data.

The data can be displayed on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. When the data is displayed for, say, a weekly time series, it will display the opening price for the week, the highest and lowest price for the week, and the last or closing price for the week.

There is also the choice of viewing the data with or without adjustments.

You can toggle adjustments on and off by clicking the 'A' in the Current Window Toolbar. Make sure that after you toggle the adjustments on or off you press enter or click the Symbol Apply  icon so the desired data displays in the window.

To view a weekly time series, with adjustments for SUN:

Step 1: Type the code into the tool bar or simply double click on a symbol in any open watch list.

Step 2: Click the 'W'. 

Step 3: Make sure the 'A' icon is lit. If it is not click on it.

Step 4: Click the apply symbol.

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