Top Movers

The 'Top Movers' window can be accessed via the commands menu or toolbar:

The Top Movers function displays the most active securities by volume, dollar value, percentage up (winners) and percentage down (losers).

Note: this function is only available on trading days.

Top Movers Views Toolbar Key:

= Fully Paid Ordinaries
= Traded Options
= Warrants
1 day, 1wk, 4wk etc.  = Time Frame
= Limit the results to only stocks within the 'All Ords'.
= Apply - Same as pressing ENTER on your keyboard.
= Synchronise

If this icon is lit, when you double click on a item in your watch list, any other open windows will take on that stock code. If it is unlit, when you double click on an item in your watch list, nothing will happen. Usually you would leave this icon lit all of the time.

The security types included in the Top Movers are fully paid ordinary shares, warrants, and traded options.

Note: Derivatives information is not available on some data plans.

To view the top movers:

Step 1: Choose whether you want to see Fully Paid Ordinaries (F), Traded Options (T) or Warrants (W).

Step 2: Choose a time frame you want to see the top movers for.

Step 3: You have the option of confining your results to the 'All Ords'.

Step 4: Click the green tick (Apply icon).

Remember: If your sync icon is lit, you can double click on any stock to load it into any other open windows.

You may also drag a symbol name from the 'Top Movers' window to any icon on the 'Command toolbar' to open charts, market depth screens, etc.

If you hover the mouse cursor over a symbol on the Top Movers window, the company name for that symbol will appear in a little label box.

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