The 'Trades' window can be accessed via the commands menu or toolbar:

The Trades window displays information on what trades were made for a specific security on a specific date.

Trades Views Toolbar Key:

= Lock/unlock toggle switch. Stops synchronised stocks from appearing in window.
= Type a stock (Eg. BHP) into this box and click apply or press ENTER to see it's trades.
= Use this drop down menu to select a date
= Apply - Same as pressing ENTER on your keyboard.

To view the trades for a particular day on a stock code of your choice,

Step 1: On the Trades tool bar, enter the security you wish to view.

Step 2: Press Enter or click the Apply icon (green tick).

If you wish to view trades for a specific date, click the down arrow next to Current, and select Date.  Use the calendar to select the date you wish to view.


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