Status Bar

The Status Bar appears at the bottom of the screen and displays the status of the connection to the server.

The Status Bar will indicate Online when the user is logged onto the server and Offline when the user is not logged on.


When chart information is being downloaded a number will appear next to 'Online' in the status bar. As the downloading chart data gets closer to completion the number will reduce.


The next set of icons that you may notice in your status bar are, ASX, AO GMK, fx, KNS and US.

ASX = ASX data
AO = ASX Traded Options data
GMK = Global Markets data
Fx = Foreign exchange data
US = US market data

If they are green you have access to them. If they are red or do not appear then you are either not connected to the PhoenixAI server or you are not subscribed to them.

The yellow US icon indicates you are receiving delayed US stock data (delayed up to 40 minutes).

A yellow ASX icon indicates that you are receiving 20-minute delayed ASX data.

On the ‚Äėreal time on demand‚Äô plan you can use the ASX icon as a toggle switch to access your real time data.

For more information on how Real-time on demand works, see the Activating live data on 'Real-time on demand' plans section under 'Basics'.


You may also see a blue icon that looks like an S.

This is a script icon, and indicates that PhoenixAI is using some script based tools provided by a plug-in program such as the Gryphon Agent.



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