Watch Lists

A Watch List is a customisable table containing transaction data for securities of interest to you. Data displayed includes volume, last price, bids, asks, opening and closing prices, total value traded and more. Watch lists allow you to see at a glance what a security is doing. While you view the watch list it automatically updates the data (for real time data subscribers). Each watch list can contain as many securities as you wish.

Watch List Views Toolbar Key:

 = Use this drop down menu to quickly swap between your saved watch lists.
 = Apply - Same as pressing ENTER on your keyboard.
 = Open another watch list
 = Add a symbol to your watch list
 = Delete a symbol from your watch list
 = Synchronise

If this icon is lit, when you double click on a item in your watch list, any other open windows will take on that stock code. If it is unlit, when you double click on an item in your watch list, nothing will happen. Usually you would leave this icon lit all of the time.
 = Sync Play

If this icon is lit, your watch list will automatically start syncing a new symbol every minute or so. You can change the timing of the 'Sync Play' by going to 'Tools' > 'Customise'. Then under the 'Options' tab scroll down to 'Play Timeout' under 'Symbol Sync' and choose a number between 3 (seconds) and 120 (seconds). Note: If you set the timeout too low, it may not have enough time to load all the data history before it moves on to the next code. If this is happening to you, increase the timeout period to a higher amount.

To open an existing watch list...

Step 1: Click the watch list icon in the commands toolbar.

Alternatively Click 'File' > 'Open'.

Step 2: Choose 'Watch Lists' from the left hand column.

Step 3: Choose an existing watch list from the right hand column.

Step 4: Click 'OK'

Viewing stocks in a watch list on a chart...

Step 1: Open a watch list and a chart so that they are both visible at the same time. (For instruction on how to do this see Workspaces).

Step 2: Double click on a stock code inside your watch list and it will appear in your open chart window.

Sorting a watch list...

The watch list may be sorted by clicking once on a column header. Clicking again on the same column header will sort the watch list in reverse order.



To swap between watch lists in the same window...

Step 1: Click the down arrow next to the watch list name.

Step 2: Choose a saved watch list from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Click the apply icon .


When you open a watch list by this method, it will replace the existing open watch list you had in the window.

If you wish to display more than one watch list, you should open new watch lists by clicking the Watch List icon on the Command tool bar.

To add a symbol to a watch list...

Step 1: Right click in your watch list and click 'Add Symbol' (Add Symbol is also found on the Watch list toolbar).

Step 2: Type in the desired symbol (Eg. BHP) and click 'OK'

You can add multiple symbols by putting a comma in between the symbols (Eg. BHP,NAB,WOW,RIO,CBA)

To remove a symbol from a watch list...

Step 1: Click on the symbol you want to remove from your watch list.

Step 2: Right click on the highlighted symbol and click 'Delete Symbol' (Delete Symbol is also found on the Watch list toolbar).

Step 3: Click 'YES' to remove it.


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