Watch List Layout

To alter the layout of a watch list, right-click on the data section of the watch list window.

Select Columns Layout, and then Columns Picker.


The Columns Picker allows you to choose which columns are displayed, and in what order.

The section on the left lists all available columns.  The section on the right list those columns currently displayed.

You can add and remove entries from each section using the arrow buttons in the centre.    

The order (top to bottom) of the list on the right is the order in which the columns are displayed in the watch list window (left to right).

You may change the order of the list on the right using the Move Up and Move Down buttons in the centre.
When you are finished adjusting your layout, click OK.

You may also right-click the column headers on the watch list window and add a column from the available list.
If you wish to quickly remove a column, right-click on the header for that column and select “hide”.

Note: Hide is always the first item on the list.

To save your layout, right-click in the watch list
Select Columns Layout
Click Save.

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